Privacy Policy
At Blessed Marriage your confidentiality is important to us, this is why we initiate the privacy of information to all our members. Our team stays transparent to all members of the website regarding what and how we collect, store, and reveal information. A member should go through our privacy policy that helps him/her to realize how we work to collect, process, and store data as per the government privacy acts. This privacy statement gives you an idea of the privacy practices that we work on to improve the experience of our visitors.
Upon joining our website, you agree to use our services. This way, you permit us to make use of your all-personal information that you provide to us after accepting the privacy policy, as well as terms and conditions.
What type of information do we gather?
We have categorized the type of information that needs to be collected into 2 categories. These are PII and Non-PII.
  • Personally Identifiable Information or PII is the data that is used to represent your identity.
  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information or Non-PII (Sensitive Personal Data) is the data that is not used to represent your identity.
How do we accumulate and utilize information?
There are different things we do to collect and store your data and then use it. You must be familiar with it before going further. Let’s get started:
Log files
The way you utilize our website is gauged by our team. When you come to our website, we monitor several aspects like browser type, IP address, pages referred, internet service provider, date and time, platform type, exit pages, and the number of clicks. We use these factors to find the latest trend, observe the movement of visitors, regulate the website, etc. This info is used by us to gather wider demographic information. This way, we come to know about the most visited section of our website.
Questionnaires & personality profiles
At the same time, we also want to know about you completely. This is why we collect a lot of information about you in the form of questionnaires. It will help us to discover compatible matches for our members. Once we collect info via questionnaires, your personality profile is made that will give us a chance to use our ‘Match Me’ facility for making a perfect match for you. There is nothing to worry about the privacy of the information that you shared with us via questionnaires or surveys as it is kept confidential with us. In any case, if you want to share this info with other members on the website of Blessed Marriage, just go to the ‘Privacy Settings’ and change it accordingly.
Collective Data
When we take your information from you, it includes your name, age, occupation, location, weight, height, religion, nationality, and background. We take an idea from this information to give you an ideal match. Upon agreeing to the privacy policy, you are bound to give us the right to reveal this information to the concerned members of Blessed Marriage, if needed.
Your photos can also be obtained by us from you so that we can share it with others. When you allow us to take photos, it means that you do not have any problem if we share it with any other member or user of the website. When you are taking advantage of our community services or suggestions from our experts, you must know what information you want to disclose to other members or people who visit your profile. However, we never disclose your PII in any manner without your permission or consent.
Purchasing information
We, at Blessed Marriage, also offer a subscriber-based facility to those who want to hire our services so that they can have a greater personality and successful relationship. When you purchase something or get subscribed with us, we tend to get some information from you including phone number, name, billing address, shipping address, and credit card information (or any other mode of payment that you want to use).
Phone calls and emails
When you subscribe to our website, you must provide us your email id, where we will send alerts and notifications regarding suitable matches we have using our ‘Match Me’ facility, according to your saved data with us. Being a subscriber of the community service, newsletters are sent after your approval. Through your email, we can also inform you, as a subscriber, about the latest events, developments, promotional offers, new products, etc. In any case, if a subscriber does not want to receive such emails, then the ‘choice or opt-out’ facility is available.
Your phone number can also be used by us only regarding any information we want to deliver to you for your preferred matches. Notify us if you do not let us call on your phone number and for that, you can write to us or email us.
Profile and demographic data
Your profile and demographic data are being used by us to know your experiences with us while visiting us. We keep your preferences in mind and then alter the content so that we can complement your expectations and display the necessary content on our website
Referrals related data
Blessed Marriage wants you to refer your mates or friends to us by providing their details to us like their names and email ids. Our secured database will store this info and then be sent to your friends with your name and greetings. If he/she wants to join us, then they can go ahead, otherwise, reject our proposal. We never send any promotional offer-based emails to your recommended friends unless they become members of our website.
Data related to online surveys
We encourage our members and subscribers to participate in the online surveys conducted by us. Once a member gives us feedback, it is very valuable to us as we can use it to enhance our website and our services. Such surveys are not shown on your PII and your shared info via these surveys are completely secret with us.
Public forums
Sometimes, discussion boards and public forums are open to our members and subscribers. However, we are never held accountable for any kind of information you share on these platforms and this info can be read by anyone. This is why we warn our members to stay cautious.
Research purposes
When you join us, you give us the approval to use your information for research (used in academic journals) and the enhancement of our services. A member’s PII and responses are never posted on our website.
Exposure of your data to third parties
  • To safeguard abuse victims

    We can disclose your information to legal authorities if we find any member is at fault for any abusive action, which may be in any form like elder abuse, domestic violence, child or spousal abuse.

  • To our trusted third parties

    Our team may share your PII with any of the third-party service providers linked to our company so that we, with their support, can provide you better services. No worry, your PII will be confidential with them. Before sharing this information with any of our trusted third parties, we need approval from your side and we will approach you via an email or call. In order to stop receiving such calls or emails from us, you can choose the ‘choice/opt-out’ facility.

  • To trusted third parties at your demand

    By becoming our subscriber, you are bound to receive any promotional offers, lotteries, and advertisements-related emails on behalf of the third parties. But it is you that is solely responsible to accept such offers and then give your information directly to those third parties. Upon your approval, we will send your information to them. You have the right to stop this facility.

  • By Law

    As per the law requirements, we can reveal your personal information, only if it important:

    • For requesting from law enforcement or acting legally
    • To third parties if their rights are in danger or if our rights are at stake
    • For protecting the health, safety, and life of an individual, if in danger
Age limitations
According to our terms and conditions, an individual who is below 18 years cannot join our website and use our services and if done, his/her profile will be removed from our database.
We have high-quality security practices on our website to protect the safety and privacy of our member’s data on our database. We tend to use the latest technology so that there may not be any misuse, loss, or unessential changes in data. We take preventive measures to secure your information on the internet, but cannot give you 100% assurance for information submission online.
We have your PII with us as long as it is required to help you in any means. At any time, you, as a subscriber, wish to abort our services, then you will have the right to eliminate your information from our secured database. There are 2 ways to opt-out of the services, which are mentioned below
Access to data or files
As far as the acts and laws are concerned, every member has the complete right to access his/her information that we have about you. For a glance, if you are willing to have a copy of your messages exchanged with any other member of your website, you can get it, but only with the consent of that particular member. All you need to do is to bear some minimal charges to access the details about you in our database.
After becoming a member of , you will have a username and password. You can make changes in the password, or any other data you want to change or update in our database. It can be done by going to the ‘Profile Settings’ option on the homepage of your account. Your ‘Profile Settings’ is the option, where you can get a complete list of the information that can be edited and updated. If you need assistance or help, our customer support service is available anytime.
Acceptance of Policies
Every member accepts our privacy policy while registering with us. When there is any dispute that is about the privacy of your information, your terms of use of our facilities and services are subject to our terms and conditions.
Changes in the privacy policy
In any case, for any reason, if we make some amendments in our privacy policy, we update our privacy policy’s page. To notify our members and subscribers, we will send emails to them or contact them via any mode of communication. As a member, you will have to read the privacy policy regularly, if you receive any notification via an email regarding changes in the privacy policy. Once you receive the notifications, if you still want to continue with our services, then you do not need to do anything and we will assume that you approve our updates in the privacy policy. If you have an objection, then you can abort our services by contacting us via any mode of interaction such as emails, calls, or writing to us.